Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Clintons and the Clown Apocolypse

    Clown attacks in London and on the world stage. The Presidential debate with Hilary and the Trump card . Haiti and hurricane Matthew. The week that was. Stephen King author of IT issued a plea to people across the globe to quit the clown nonsense as the consequences of dressing up as clowns and carrying weapons is a dangerous and possible fatal combination. Law authority were issuing warnings as well across the globe.The Hollywood film company linked to the new IT2 movie targeted for release in the new year have denied any connection to the phase possessing people on social media. Killer Clowns in the UK click

Clown with machete Caboolture caravan park.The apocolypse is here! 

       The Presidential debate in my opinion Clinton had the upper hand from the start and really didnt deliver a killer blow and i just have a feeling Donald J may have a trump card up his sleeve. I just have a feeling he hasnt played his joker yet. I really feel sorry for the people of the USA they really are caught between Cruella and the Joker. I must admit Trump is one scary prospect as leader but do the citizens really know whats behind the Clinton facade.  She just may want to skin them puppies for their fur ! Trump's policies of tax cuts to the rich to enhance job prospects for the poor has got to be one of the most overused and f....d up agendas of all times. It doesnt work ! Corporations are profit driven and if they can use slave labour to make profits they will do it. Cut expenses and wages come under expenses they will not employ more if they can save by getting  the same work out of less staff.  

   President in Waiting !

    Hurricane Matthew strikes Haiti on 5th October over a thousand dead. Another natural disaster strikes Haiti they just cant take a trick can they after the huge 7 magnitude earthquake on January 12th 2010 which has a death figure unsubstantiated of between 100000 and 360000 people. There was a huge worldwide fund started and raised Billions of dollars for the people of Haiti but where has this money gone there are plenty of question marks over the Clinton foundation and their links to the companies put in place for the rebuilding of Haiti.


George W.H.Bush1989 -1993
Bill Clinton 1993 - 2001
 George W. Bush 2001 - 2009
Barak Obama 2009  --

History of the clown, dates back to the jester or fool of ancient times. In those days, the clown was given permission and even expected, to represent the deviant side of human nature, from openly defying the sexual norms of the day to mocking the gods.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Social Medicalization

    The 1920's made up disease to sell Listerine. The mouthwash which was originally marketed in 1879 as a surgical antiseptic, then as a cure for gonorrhea. It was not until 1895 it began to be marketed to dentists for oral care then by the 1920's it was the solution for Halitosis a condition which harmed your chances of romance,marriage and work. BAD BREATHE 


  •                                                          Zika Virus  
  •                                                          Ebola Virus 
  •                                                          Bird Flu 
  •                                                        Aedes Aegypti 

Medicalization of Society 
      In the world today the pharmaceutical companies are making billions from medicalization of society everything from depression,grief,pregnancy,aging,obesity,menopause, the way we look,ADHD have all been medicalized. The disease mongering is in full swing. Their strategy to convince people they are sick or a lot sicker than they really are. The amount of money being made by these companies is beyond comprehension. The promotion to the consumer and prescriber eg doctor,chemist is something you can see everywhere be it on our TV's, in our mail or on the street.  The foundations and charities created to assist in funding for cures and research is another thing i would like to mention because often people just see the surface but i like to look at the big picture. The money that flows down the stream to these pharmaceutical companies is probably much more than people realize and the continued fight to stop the use of medical cannabis most likely leads back to them as well but everyone is probably aware of this.
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